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We rent HD cameras, wide angle lens, tripod and 2 hours of DV tape.

As of October 2103 we rent Panasonic AG-AC90 AVCCAM Handheld Camcorder This is a great pro video camera for interviews and presentations especially for real estate properties, commercial for lease or vacation real estate - that require narration and live presentations.

The total cost that includes us editing the tapes and producing up to 15 minutes of final video is:
$189 for SONY HC-9 (plus shipping costs)
As of January 2013 here is our current rental models: Canon T4i, Canon T2i, SONY FX-1, SONY HC-9, JVC GZ HD7
  • Equipment is real easy to use plus we will give you telephone support and access to our on line video tutorial
  • Why spend a large amount to buy all the equipment PLUS the computer and software needed to get a quality final video
  • This is great for: resorts, vacation destinations, country properties, island properties and any other location where distance may be an issue

Rental policy for all SF Bay Area to Sacramento to Fresno:
  • $50 prepayment (applied to final total) via PayPal
  • $50 per hour for all cameras you can operate camera but our staff supervises
  • Minimum 2 hours
  • Travel fee is 30 cents per mile, round trip based from Tracy CA

Rental policy: $500 deposit via credit card (this will be returned to you when we receive equipment back in working order), a copy of your driver's license and business or real estate credentials which we can verify.