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Easy Steps to Make Video for Real Estate and Video Tours of Homes, Apartments and Properties



  1. Buy a video camera witha wide angle lens, wide angle is considered 10mm to 22mm.
  2. Buy a stabilizer unit or buy a tripod.
  3. Learn and train on how to the video camera very steadily and learn how to walk very softly, bend your knees when walking.
  4. For every home or aparment you will walk through determine what route a person would take through the property in a natural manner.
  5. Shoot the video once, assess if the video would look smooth or if it can be improved.
  6. Reshoot video if necessary.
  7. Unload video clips to computer and edit them in your choice of video editing software.
  8. Add titles to video, such as company name, your name and contact info ie: email and telephone.
  9. Add music and render the video in HD quality.
  10. Upload to YouTube and link to the video from as many blogs, emails and websites as appropriate.


Video Cameras with Wide Lenses That Are Good for Video Tours

  • Canon Rebel t2i Tamron AF 10-24mm
  • Canon Rebel t3i Tamron AF 10-24mm
  • Canon Rebel t4i Tamron AF 10-24mm
  • Canon Rebel t5i Tamron AF 10-24mm


Video Editing Software for Video Tours

  • Sony Vegas
  • Sony Movie Maker


Get Started, Buy camera and Lens

Begin by reading up on wide angle lenses, so that you will understand what is meant by wide angle and get an idea of the cost of these lenses, as they range from $500 to $1,200. The camera body we suggest is a Canon Rebel t-2-3-4-5-i, you will want to buy the body only. During the purchase phase you will want to research the various camera stabilization devices out there.


Learn, the Video Editing Software of Your Choice

In most cases you will have several major tasks when editing the video tour.


  1. Cut the scenes to shwo only the desired portions of the video.
  2. Combine the scenes into one continous video.
  3. Add tiles.
  4. Add music.
  5. Render video tour in High Definition (HD).


Upload to YouTube and Promote

  • Upload video tour to your YouTube channel.
  • Promote and link to your video tour from blogs, websites and emails.

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