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Camera Stabilizer Rental

camera stabilizer steadicam rental

How does a steadicam work?

The camerawoman wears a harness like vest which is attached to a lightweight metal iso-elastic arm. The arm is connected by a multiaxis and ultra-low friction gimbal to the sled which has the camera mounted at the top and a counterbalance weight at the bottom. The sled includes the top "stage" where the camera is attached, the "post" which in most models can be extended, with the counterweights at the bottom to counterbalance the camera weight. Now this is how the Steadicam stays upright, by making the bottom slightly heavier than the top, pivoting at the gimbal, see diagram.

Balancing the sled camera and counterweights correctly is a precision operation. When the camera and counterweights are positioned just right then the center of gravity falls just slightly below the gimbal.

This leaves the center of gravity of the whole rig, however heavy it may be, exactly at the operator's fingertip just below the gimbal, allowing very precise, accurate and finite control of the camera with the lightest of touch and guiding on the gimbal. The skill of the operator is to keep the desired framing and composition by minutely adjusting his or her touch on the gimbal, while the rig and operator is in motion, and, indeed, when still.

For real estate video the camera stabilizer is very important because the most popular type of real estate video is the “walk through”.

For extensive commercial property video tours our camera stabilizer systems are the best choice.

The current (1-1-2013) rental policy on camera stabilizer systems is $90 per week ( plus round trip shipping costs) - $ deposit of 120% of market value.

We provide support and on-line classes for all of our equipment.

We also calibrate our camera stabilizer systems before they are shipped.

The best part is - they are easy to operate!
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